Monday, April 6, 2015

Member Wellness at the San Antonio Clubhouse

Dawn Johnson, the chief executive officer and founder of San Antonio’s DMJ Consulting, has experience with USAA Marketing. A graduate of Kansas State University, Dawn Johnson also serves on the board of the San Antonio Clubhouse.

Dedicated to helping people recover from serious mental illnesses through psychosocial rehabilitation, the San Antonio Clubhouse welcomes members into a caring community. It involves its members in its day-to-day functions and helps with health and disability benefits, housing, education, recreation, and finances, among other services.

In addition to an employment and business unit, the San Antonio Clubhouse has community connections and health and wellness units to help members engage with the organization, each other, and the community at large. In the community connections unit, for example, members give tours of the clubhouse, contribute to its newsletter, and visit hospitalized members. The clubhouse’s health and wellness unit concentrates on the physical health of its members. In the unit, members prepare and serve breakfast and lunch, plan the menu, and participate in a number of activities and workshops.